Shine Box’s Innovative New Platform

Shine Box’s Innovative New Platform Offers More Options

For Social Media Marketing to Auto Enthusiasts

PRWeb  Published 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CCN, Shine Box’s new car club video network, enhances direct sampling program by delivering value-added video content directly to auto enthusiasts.

Building upon the success of their unique sampling and Word-of-Mouth marketing services, Shine Box has launched CCN, the Car Club Network. CCN is a video player that the company provides free of charge to all car clubs to add to their own enthusiast website.  Shine Box manages each of the players, ensuring that every club receives fresh, relevant video content on their website at all times.  The new platform allows clients to utilize video content to communicate directly with auto enthusiasts via Shine Box’s extensive Car Club affiliate system.

“With CCN, we have more control over our online ad spending,” explains Bruce Firkins, Marketing Manager of BPCastrol. “Now our brand communication includes integrated content that reaches a targeted and motivated market directly. It will increase awareness among our consumers and help drive sales of our products with our retail partners.”

CCN provides marketers with an additional, and more targeted, outlet for existing video programs. “Brand marketers spend millions generating online video content,” says Shine Box President Mark McCracken. “And then they spend more money advertising online to get viewers to click through to their websites. Our program shifts that paradigm.” Rather than trying to “pull” viewers to a brand’s site, Shine Box “pushes” the brand’s value-added video content to a place where the target market is already frequenting—their Car Club’s website.

The CCN video programming includes relevant and informative topics such as daily automotive updates, car care instructions, maintenance tips, race updates and other value-added content. There is even a club channel where Shine Box members can post their own videos and messages exclusively to their car club members.  When used in tandem with Shine Box’s trial and WOM marketing programs, CCN can help brands develop on-going relationships with target consumers. Additionally, brands can use the program to create continuity promotions that drive repeat purchase and build consumers loyalty.

The Shine Box network of Car Clubs includes more than 1 million members throughout North America. For more information about Shine Box and CCN, contact Mark McCracken at (314) 749.3521, mmccracken(at)myshinebox(dot)com or visit Shine Box online at

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