What SEO Companies Should Offer


What SEO Companies Should Offer You

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A Professional SEO Company aims to achieve the very best results for our clients and their companies by using the best online/internet marketing skills, top class seo tools and search engine Optimization in order to get your web site onto page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. Professional SEO companies are flexible to adapt themselves to changes in the algorythms of the major search engines – Case in point: Google’s newest Panda update.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of building or modifying a website so that it will not only be discovered but also highly ranked by search engines. Doing SEO or Search Engine Optimization correctly means that each page on the website needs to be edited and optimised so that the site’s content will be indexed to the keywords that potential customers search for on search engines when seeking out your products or services

Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) is very often neglected by even the most talented web developers and designers.

Just a few of the SEO Services that a good SEO Company should offer are:

  • Site Aesthetic Requirements (Site appearance)
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Link Building
  • Meta Tag Generator
  • Keyword Position Checker
  • Automatic Directory Submission
  • e-Commerce Optimization
  • SEO Tool Plugins
  • Blog and/or Website design
  • Blog and/or Website Management
  • Ongoing Campaign to Enhance Your Brand
  • Google Rank Checker
  • Alexa Rank Checke
  • Article writing
  • Content writing
  • Backlinks Checker
  • Domain Hosting
  • Domain Registration

Important: Don’t choose an SEO company that is not near the top of search engines. How can they sell SEO or search Engine Optimization to you if they cannot even get it right on their own website.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing process by which you will improve not only the amount of traffic, but also the quality of traffic to your website. Remember – Quality traffic is parmount to your success. who needs a buch of traffic that is not insterested in what you have to offer. Visitors to your site must be inteeted in what you have to offer – Both products and content.

What an SEO Company Should Focus on:

  • Business Analyis for Keyword Optimization
  • Organic or basic search
  • Image search
  • Blog Search
  • Local Search
  • Website SEO Copywriting
  • Article and Press Release Submissions
  • PPC or Pay per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Daily Blog/Website Services (Article Writing, Submission and Content Management)
  • Article Generation and Original Content
  • Google Places Optimization
  • Facebook Optimization
  • Twitter Optimization
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Mobile Marketing Optimization – This is an absolute necessity for the current and future
  • Local search Optimization – This is critical as it is a way for you to target customers in your area.

As a top class SEO Company with proven results we understand how search engines work and what users search for. Optimizing a website mainly consists of optimising its content and HTML coding to increase its relevance to specific keywords. We also aim to increase the indexing frequency on your website as the search engines normally give more weight to websites that are updated all the time and are the most relevant to their industry.

Your SEO Company should never follow “Black Hat” SEO techniques. Black hat SEO or Spamdexing, use methods such as link farms and keyword stuffing that degrade the relevance of search results as well as the user-experience of search engines. Search engines normally look for sites that employ these techniques and will remove them from their index. After this you can never be found on that serch engine.

Your SEO Company Should Promise To:

Make sure you are getting the most from your SEO Company and that they are delivering what they promise by showing you hard facts as proof of their accomplishemts on your behalf.


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