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8 Best SEO Software Programs

Author: SEO Pandit

Though MySEOPandit believes in human intervention for all its Search Engine Optimization processes, we do get queries from our readers regarding the best SEO software that is available in the market and how to decide which SEO software to buy. After interacting with a few SEO Experts in the industry, we have zeroed in on some of the best SEO software that are currently available and how to go about hunting for that ideal software for your Search Engine Optimization.

The parameters which we think are most crucial while deciding on a SEO software are:

Purpose: The most crucial thing to decide before buying a SEO software is to determine what purposes the software is expected to serve. These then serve as the benchmark against which you can measure the success of your software.

  • Operating System Compatibility: Ensure that your software is compatible across multiple Operating Systems. You never know which operating system you might use in the future so it’s better to make provisions beforehand.
  • Background Check: Before buying a SEO software make a little background check about the company which is behind the software. Look out for relevant information about their past products’ success rate.
  •  Update Frequency: Search algorithms change frequently. Make sure that the software you purchase is also updated frequently so as to perform its job effectively and efficiently.
  •  Price: Remember there is no point in buying a cheaper product and then finally end up paying more to buy tools and apps just to support the software. Spend wisely! Spend judiciously!

Based on our research here’s the list of the Top 8 SEO software programs:

  1. Web CEO 8.1 Professional Edition Publisher: Web CEO LTD
  2.  Advanced Web Ranking 7.2 Enterprise Publisher: Caphyon Ltd
  3.  iBusiness Promoter IBP 11 Business Publisher: Axandra GmbH
  4.  SEO Suite 8.0 Professional Publisher: Apex Pacific
  5.  SEO Toolkit Enterprise v 3.0 Publisher: Trellian
  6.  SEO Studio Enterprise Publisher: TrendMetrix Software Inc.
  7.  SEO Powersuite Professional
  8.  SEO Administrator 3 Expert Publisher:FlamingoSoft

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and should not be attributed to MySEOPandit.

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