SEO Blunders

SEO Blunders The Web Developers Should Be Aware Of

Author: rahul seo

It is a common knowledge that without SEO no website can survive in the age of cut throat competition. The business owners can no longer get the edge just by making a stunning website for their company; they also have to find out the affordable SEO services. The web developers cannot expect to master the various SEO measures fast, since SEO is nothing short of an art. They also need to be careful about some commonplace blunders in SEO, which can be detrimental for the client websites.

A number of web developers tend to concentrate much on implementing various SEO packages so much that they often tend to overlook the basic factors of SEO. This can mar the appeal of a website in the long run.

A number of web developers focus so much on implementing SEO tricks in client websites that they forget to focus on the quality of the website content. However, it needs to be remembered that it is the content what drives site traffic. The webmasters resorting to the so called black hat techniques initially managed to attract search engine bots to a large extent.

However, Google and other top search engine services strongly condemn these tricks and SEO malpractices can lead to banning. Besides the SEO measures like keyword usage needs to be done in such a way that it does not affect content quality.

A number of web development professionals also make mistakes in link building which is another essential part of the SEO packages. The quantity of link is not what the developers should be focussing on alone. They also need to be careful about the relevance of the links used in the client websites. Google rates a website on the basis of the quality and relevance of links used in it.

Just by incorporating links to random websites a website cannot be made SEO friendly. It can have a detrimental effect on its search rankings instead. The professional web developers do not resort to link buying from link farms and they resort to reputed and authentic websites. Link building can be a time consuming process and the good old proverb “Haste makes waste” is applicable here.

There are a section of web developers who make the mistake of thinking that SEO is something they need to implement just once in the websites and sit pretty over it. This is far from the truth. This is an ongoing process and trends in the industry change over time. What is rated as effective SEO measure today can become near obsolete after some time. Without monitoring the search engine ranking of a site and necessary SEO modification a website cannot stay ahead of the competition.

There are other SEO mistakes the web developers should refrain from. They need to be careful about using Flash content in websites. It is not much friendly to the search engine bots. The titles and tags used in web pages should not be neglected as they can directly affect search engine ranking.


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