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13 keyword research techniques

Author: Daniel De Beer

A very important area of ​search engine optimization is keyword research. Even before the creation of content must be clear to which keywords or keyword phrases is to entwine the page.

Opportunities for keyword research
A good keyword research is half the battle for the success of a website. Well not quite, it’s definitely damn important. Therefore, the keyword research is an important role in the work of SEO and is taking enough time to do so should be present.

The goal of keyword research is to find best keywords or keyword phrases for your website. But why are they optimal? Keywords are optimal, which have a high search volume? Certainly not. Depending on the strength of the web site you have to check exactly which keywords you can optimize. Because the competition is so high on some keywords, not a short-term success is possible. So you should choose keywords to search for people and for which you have the chance to get a good ranking in search engines. The latter can be checked by competition analysis: Just analyze the first results on the requested keyword and assess whether a good ranking is possible.

And just because the keyword research is so important, I would like to show in this paper a few ways to find keywords with high search volume. Nothing really new is the process of the review is to focus only a few of these. Whether one can optimize his page on the keywords found with the following options, of course, should be examined via competition analysis. Note also should, if the keywords lead ultimately to conversion. This point is often forgotten.

The following options provide a good chance of optimal Keywords:

1. Keyword databases
In the keyword databases often are millions of keywords and search volume (usually monthly) deposit. Also in keyword databases are often more subject-relevant keywords are proposed.

2. Google AdWords Keyword Tool
Google also does a lot to help the keyword search, e.g. Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Actually, the thought that the AdWords ads you want, but also great for SEOs. The data are from the previous month and can be sorted by average search volume.

Especially useful for the filter “match type” is. If we choose “Phrase” or “broad”, can be found many related keywords. Also handy: The column “Advertiser Competition” for the first assessment of the competition.

3. Alexa – what is the competition
Who would think of himself no keywords that can just look at which keywords get the competition’s traffic. Why not, is indeed legitimate. Simply enter the desired page and be amazed.

4. Google Suggest
End of March was introduced Google Suggest. Even when entering search terms into the search box of Google matches are shown. Practically, even here you can find valuable keywords and phrases. Are valuable, especially those that appear high up in Google Suggest.

The number of hits in the search results will appear with the same and also can be used for preliminary evaluation of the difficulty of the keywords are used:

5. Related searches for ideas
Google shows every time you search the related searches. Once again, the time browsing, suggested keywords that might fit for the site. Of course, here are the search volume and competition necessary to get ideas you can always be with Google Suggest, however:

6. Twitter for short-term trends
Twitter can also help you to find keywords. This option is only suitable to detect short-term trends. Who here, however, responded quickly, can also generate good traffic. Twitter itself is largely only for the English Room:

Twist, you can see the trend over at Twitter at any given keyword, is a good way to examine the life of a keyword
Basically, Twitter is playing in the keyword search over the role of ideas and trend spotting.

7. Google Hot Trends
Again a tool from Google, which contributes to the keyword search is, hot trends. Unfortunately, there is the tool to date for the U.S. only. But maybe you come here on keywords that soon in Germany enjoy a high search volume. These so-called Hot Trends are displayed per day, you can select the date.

8. Google Insights for Search
A very nice tool for keyword research, once again Google is Insights for Search. The possibilities here are endless with this tool you can play for hours and figure out which keywords are searched as often. Here, too, although there are again no absolute figures, but only relative figures exported to all searches.

With Insights for Search, you can compare up to 5 keywords, the period, the country and vary the medium (Google News, Google Image Search, Google Web search, Google product search). Also suitable tool for the regional search volume to recognize at the provincial level. At the end of the page still shows related keywords, and keywords on which the queries have risen sharply in the past.

9. Google Webmaster Tools
Even in the Google Webmaster Tools, there are indications of good keywords that you might not be observed at all and I know that they exist. Here you can take advantage of the rankings on certain keywords that you have anyway. The dashboard shows the top search queries and the average position. From this one can display up to 100 entries. Maybe you can still find some gold pieces.

10. Wikipedia Traffic
What contributions are popular at Wikipedia tells you what people are looking for. Because Wikipedia is so well known in the Google search results. And then a look at the statistics from Wikipedia also contribute to idea generation.

11. Ebay Barometer Trend
Even Ebay is yes, in principle, some huge search engine for users with buying interest. A look at the trend barometer Ebay might be worth a few words too. This tool is limited and only a few web pages for keyword research.

12. Google Wonder Wheel
Yet another tool for keyword research made by Google: The Wonder Wheel. Starting from a more general keyword you can always be special, by clicking on the tips of the wheel. Piece by piece, you can begin to approach keyword areas and find me interesting security terms.

The Wonder Wheel is so far only the U.S. version of Google and is not suitable even for Germany. I hope this will change soon. Just click on the search results on “More options” and select the Wonder Wheel.

13. Paid SEO Tools
So far I had only shows options that could be charged. For completeness, I must mention, however, that include paid SEO tools for keyword research gold are worth.

I’ve had two very good experiences and tools both learned to appreciate it are the two known tools

So, that was a choice of ways to deal with the topic of keyword research. Not every tool is suitable for everyone and sometimes makes even the use of multiple tools in parallel sense. But that is to be assessed individually from case to case. However, it should be possible to find the tools mentioned nice keywords to search for people and to which one can dare to his side. Not make all the tools, not what may be missing a whole bunch of experience.


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