PayDotCom Affliate Program


Paydotcom Com Signup Php- Any Person Serious About Affiliate marketing Has An Account With Paydotcom. Do You?


There are just too many people caught up promoting products on only one affiliate network. A good affiliate marketer spreads his chances to succeed. We all want to make more money online, so why limit yourself to only one affiliate network.

By now you should know that there is just alot of money to be made online, so don’t sell yourself short. Ok enough of that.

Why am i here today. Am here to beriefly you about this new and FREE affiliate network that intergrates affiliate marketing with your paypal account.

Its accessible to everyone from anywhere accross the globe for free.

Personally i think its great, i just opened an account a month ago and am already witnessing a positive trend. The high converting products offered open up amazing possiblilities.

Paydot come is the next best thing afte clickbank, that’s if you happen to be familiar with clickbank. Sorry there i might have made a typing error because paydotcom com is becoming a more preferable network to clickbank.

While Clickbank is one of the most reknowned digital product market place. They are very limited when it comes to selling products as merchants or earning commissions as affiliates. Clickbank alows refunds which eat on affiliate and merchants commissions, paydot com doen’t allow refunds. You make a sale and earn a commission and that’s final.

Paydotcom is a great place. You should definately check it out.

You can become an affiliate to any of the high converting products being offered.

Did i mention its 100% FREE to join?

This market place is definately giving other programs a run for their money. Many successful online marketers have already jumped onto this increadible offer and opened accounts.

Oh yeah, they also have their own intergrated affiliate program with high commission payouts and high converting products.

The possibilities within paydotcom are just amazing and limitless.

* PayDotCom Processing fee – will charge you a small fee for each sale. This fee will automatically be deducted from your commission and will be paid to by us on your behalf. This is all automated and done for you. The small processing fee is based on the price of each sale as follows. $0.50 (sales under $10), $1.00 (sales from $10.01 to $20.00), $1.50 (sales from $20.01 or more).