Become a Groupon Affiliate

Your visitors don’t come to your site to click on display advertising, they come to check out your awesome content. As a Groupon Affiliate, you can add relevant, dynamic content to your website, blog or gallery of adorable hedgehog pictures.

Groupon offers unbeatable daily deals from top local businesses in over 100 cities. Each deal goes viral and often sells into the thousands. All you have to do is stick one of our nifty, geo-targeted, API-powered widgets or smart links on your page. When your fans buy a deal from Groupon you make up to 15% commission on everything they purchase.

  • Help your visitors discover huge discounts at the best restaurants, spas, events and more in their city.

  • Help Groupon discover new customers.

  • Help yourself to a tidy share of the profits.

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 Newsflash! Affiliate Director, Carolyn Kmet, honored with the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Manager of the Year!

Hear What Affiliates Are Saying About Groupon:

“I have to tell you I am more impressed with your company and how it handles affiliates then anyone that I have been involved with. Quick responses and creating tools that actually help your affiliates. Thank you.”

“I switched to Groupon’s affiliate program two months ago, and I couldn’t be happier. My sites’ readers still use my links to take advantage of the deals, and it’s nice to earn actual cash that covers things that Groupons don’t, like parking & tip. Bonus: Random $10 credits still post to my account from old links.”
– Jennifer M., Atlanta on the Cheap & Cities on the Cheap

“We have saves so much money and had so much fun! Thanks to Groupon, we’ve been able to afford to buy more thinks, attend more events, and go more places. We love Groupon!”
– Barbara P., Portland

Groupon Affiliate Benefits

Affiliate Toolkit

  • Getting Started Guide: Step-by-step introduction to the Groupon affiliate program.
  • Widget Generator: Dynamically display the Groupon most relevant to your visitor. Pick your size and color, then copy/paste the code provided.
  • Dynamic Groupon Channels Widget: Dynamically display top Groupon Getaways travel deals or Grouponicus offers on your site!
  • Developer’s APIDevelop your own applications using Groupon content, and monetize them using your affiliate link.
  • Affiliate FAQ: Your questions, asked and answered!

So if you’re interested, Click => Join our affiliate program now!
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