Building Blogs with Adsense

Building Blogs with Google Adsense

Building blogs to generate income with Google AdSense is one of the easiest and most popular ways to make money online. The concept is quite simple and straightforward. You simply create a blog and place the AdSense code (Google ads) on his blog, at any time one of your readers click on one of these ads, you will have a commission or profit from the ads Google (AdSense). It really is a simple and easy method of generating revenue through google adsense account keeping advertisement of google on your site or blog. Although it seems very simple, it requires continuous hard work and effort. Putting Adsense code from youradsense account is quite simple and easy to use.I will give the best guide in just 6 steps to build a blog specifically to make money using Google ads or Adsense.


Find a Niche Market

First you have to find a good niche for your blog. A successful market niche must meet two essential requirements: 1. it is a very popular niche and 2. it is a niche you are passionate about performing. Make it popular means you will have better opportunity to achieve significant traffic, and if you have passion for this subject, will be very easy for you to enter information related to this topic. I’ve noticed that there are 3 large niches in which a person should focus, or at least one: Health, Love and Money. Difficult to find, right? Well there is a tool created by Google that can help you find your niche and decide: if you are undecided, for example, between talking about dogs that you are passionate about everything related to the canines or recipes for preparing dishes shale and all advised the world to sell his secret recipes … put these two terms in Google Trends, Google Trends is a tool which graphically shows what are the trends (in terms of search) or buzzwords that Google users seek.


Build a Blog

Although this sounds which is the more complicated, especially because it has no technical skills to do (like me), really is the easiest part of the process, thanks to free platforms such as or Obviously, you can use blogs to pay, but believe me you do not. In fact, I recommend you start with free blog platforms below you can improve and the pay for them if desired. If you follow my advice and leave it free! I recommend It is much easier to use and it only took 2 minutes to build your blog, and with a few clicks you can install Google Adsense on your blog (do not forget to take google adsense account approval before installing it on your blog …. Do not worry, it is Free too) thanks to Blooger comes ready to adsense, and as a Google product positioning makes it much easier comparing it with other blogs.


Sign up to Google AdSense

If you do not already have an account with AdSense, you need to register. Obviously, your blog should be reviewed by the team of google adsense and if approved, you can start generating revenue with google adsense. After adsense approval , simply return to the desktop of your blog created in Blogger, and use the catch and release system to install AdSense on your blog. Later, AdSense places ads relevant and related to the content of your blog.

If for some reason your Adsense application was not approved, do not worry. They will send you an email with the reasons for rejection of the application, use these explanations to correct the problem and sign up again. To be honest, it is very difficult to get approval from Google AdSense.


Write quality content

One of the most important elements to build blogs to generate revenue with google adsense is to provide useful, quality content. Without content your blog is nothing. If you want to earn money with your blog, you must provide relevant and valuable information to attract visitors and keep visiting it, be sure to post new content constantly, the more content (quality) you have, the greater chance you have of getting traffic on his blog, and definitely more clicks on your ads.


Send traffic to your blog

Ok, you build your blog, install AdSense, has written valuable content and quality, if you do not let the world know about it, nobody will visit your blog. You need to send traffic to your blog, there are many ways to send traffic to your blog, free and paid.One of my method to get target trafiic is i am hiring adword expert who are providing adword campaign management service adword campaign management service.Sometime you can get benefit by using google promo called adword coupon. I recommend you stay with the free methods that are more durable, and obviously do not cost you anything. Comment on another related blog, publish articles in article directories as a link or direct link to your blog, participate in forums related, use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Squidoo and other social networks and submit your blog to search engines most recognized and blog directories. The more traffic you send to your site the more money you with google adsense.


Do not stop, Repeat previous 2 steps

You have not finished! In fact, if you want to continue making money with AdSense on your blog, you have to constantly publish fresh content, quality, and keep directing traffic to your blog. You are not the only thing that makes money this way, there are millions of people doing this. So if you do not want to be in the tail of this list of millions, you have to keep working on your blog and getting better every day more and more.

Do not give up, it is important to know that the first few months will not get much money. Many new blogs do not earn much with AdSense. Take some time and hard work and sacrifice … but once you get it, you taste success and realize how easy it is to make money with Adsense on your blog.

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