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Google Adwords Keywords Research

Finding the right Google Adwords to use as keywords

Google Adwords keywords research. Previously we explained how important Google Adwords Keywords are to your internet marketing and how they are the key to successful marketing online. But how do you research your Google Adwords Keywords and indentify the ones that will deliver targeted visitors to your web-site? How can you find out which Google Adwords Keywords will channel the right volume of hungry buyers or subscribers to your little corner of the Internet real estate? As with most questions regarding internet marketing the answer is both simple and complicated – the simple answer is research – you need to thoroughly research your Google Adwords keywords to ensure that you are targeting the right ones! The complication comes when get into the detail of the research.

Any form or research and especially Google Adwords Keywords research needs an understanding of what you are trying to achieve before you start – so the first stage is to build a research specification for your Google Adwords Keywords. Your research process should provide you with the right information to enable you to identify the ideal Google Adwords Keywords, so before your start you need to define what you research parameters are.

For example I specialize in getting the web-sites I am working with to page one of Google, essentially using ‘free’ traffic, what I mean by this is that I do not pay for traffic through PPC programs, my primary objective is to produce a selection of Google Adwords Keywords which I can then dominate the first couple of pages of, this produces traffic on an ongoing basis and so is not dependant on constant ‘spend’. Each Google Adwords Keyword selected, then has a number of techniques applied to it in order dominate the first couple pages of Google and therefore capture the bulk of the traffic that these SERPs create. As a result for any given project I looking for a relatively small number of Google Adwords Keywords, each of which can be thoroughly dominated in a relatively short time (days or weeks, rather than months)and each of which will produce a significant volume of net targeted traffic to the web-site.

I normally end up with around 10 keywords, each producing around 15k hits to my site per month, so we are producing around 150,000 hits per month the website, so my research specification for my ‘ideal’ Google Adwords Keyword would look something like this:

1. Relevant to the web-site 2. Keywords with 3 or more words 3. Generating approximate 75000 global searches per month 4. With a relatively low number of the results specifically targeting the phrase 5. With few links of the exact phrase into the domains of the top 10 results 6. With no pages with a page rank higher than 5 in the top 3 results 7. With few links of the exact phrase into the title of the top 10 results. 8. With few links to the anchor text for the top 10 results.

So how do we start to research our Google Adwords Keywords? I follow the following steps.

Step1 – Compile a list of 20 target keywords. For this I use Google’s own Adwords Keywords research to it is provided free of charge. Simply Google ‘Adwords keywords tool’ and the SERP will contain a link to the right place. A this stage I use fairly broad search terms, for example, if I were looking for keywords relating to a Google Adwords product my initial search term would simply ‘Adwords’ – this will produce a list which can be sorted by volume of global monthly searches to allow us to quickly identify those phrases of more than three words which generate more than 75,000 searches per month. I would then capture the relevant Google Adwords Keywords (i.e. write them down!) ready for the next step.

Step2 – Identify what proportion of the results are specifically targeting each Google Adwords Keyword on your list. This is relatively straight forward to do. Go back to your Google then Google the phrase, first of all without quotation marks, take a note of the number of the results. The Google it again, enclosing it in quotation marks and take a note of this result. this second result is the number of pages that are specifically targeting your phrase.

Step 3 – Establish how well your competitors are optimizing their Pages. For this you need some more specialized tool. Go to, from where you need to download SEO for Firefox(if you don’t already use it, you will need to install and run Firefox first). This extension provides you with additional information, each time you run a search on Google. Once it is installed you will see a little icon in the bottom right of your browser, click on this and set the options – set the following to Automatic: 1. PR 2. Y!Links 3. Y!PageLinks 4. Alexa 5. Yahoo Position Once set up, when you run a search you will see that you are provided with a lot of additional information below each of the results, this information will allow you to more thoroughly research how well your competitors are optimizing their pages to your chosen Google Adwords Keyword.

Having established your research criteria and completed your research, you should now be in a position to select those keywords that fulfill you research criteria and therefore should be relatively straightforward to dominate, thus allowing you to generate significant traffic to your web-site.

Look out for our next article which will show you how to build your sustainable, ongoing traffic

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