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What Does It Mean To Have Top 10 Google Rankings?

Getting ones website ranking to the Google top 10 can seem like a long and incongruous task. There is so much that goes into creating a website, one might find yourself overwhelmed; having top 10 Google rankings only adds pressure. But, if you can figure out how to beat the system and find the loopholes, you can easily find yourself at the top of Google searches before you know it.

When it comes to search engine ranking, it’s no secret the more traffic you’re getting to your site, the higher your ranking will be. With ranking it comes down to, “General page rank” and “Specific page rank.” These two can determine the outcome of how your website is listed on Google, and how traffic is being driven to your web site.

With “General page rank” it basically boils down to the weight given to links which are listed on your web page. This comes down to how often people visit your site and travel from your site to another website. The higher traffic coming to and from your website determines the overall page rank you will receive on Google.

“Specific page rank” deals more with just the contact of incoming links. Whereas you’re receiving plenty of traffic to your website, this is more of people coming to your site from a link on another website. Is your site linked to several others? If not, reconsider, this is a great way to bring in more traffic…therefore, increasing your page ranking on Google.

It’s often believed the Google toolbar will inform you of your ranking overall; this is mostly a myth. The toolbar only shows you an approximation of your page rank. The toolbar works on an integer ranking of 1-10. It’s fairly complex to understand how it actually works, but the Google website information page will go into more detail about how precise it works and how to understand your ranking with the toolbar estimates.

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