Goat Steals Maaaa-rk Zuckerberg’s Thunder in Ad

This is Facebook News…

Facebook goat in ad

It’s not all about Facebook Home, Mark Zuckerberg, or chat heads in a new ad for Facebook Home. It’s all about the goat.

Whether you’re ready for Facebook Home on your Android phone, or whether you’d rather just ignore it, this promo (below) is not to be missed. Not because Zuckerberg is going blah-blah-blah-Facebook Home blah-blah (and doing it in a way that he makes fun of himself). Nope, it’s because of this animal’s (screamingly, literally) funny cameo.

Here’s hoping the goat is not lunch anytime soon for Zuckerberg, who spent a year eating only the meat that he killed. Let the memes begin.

Suzanne Choney/NBC News