15 Google Tools for Your E-Commerce Website


15 Google Tools for Your E-Commerce Website

1. Google Alerts – If you need to knows the latest topics or keywords on google about your niche – google alerts is great tool about it. You can retrieve videos, articles,news or any feeds. Its great tool for stay connected about your competition.

2. Google News – I “Google alerts” is any extended version of Google News. With google news you can stay involved about any news in your niche.

3. Google Calendar –  Its great and interactive online calendar application – you can share upcoming events with everyone in your company or just to suggest any events.

4. Google Finance –  Great tool if your nice is involved to financing. You can find latest information about business, finance, forex and everything that is close to finance.

5. Google Products –  Quick review what is listed on google products page – also take care of your site and try to list them there

6. Google Docs – It’s a really great web application and everyone should use Google DOCS. You can store a different type of files or stylesheets.

7. Google Analytics –  Track and analize your keywords and visitors. Its very important for every business.

8. DMOZ – IDMOZ is part of Google, so i can list it here. Submit your site to dmoz directory for better serp results.

9. Google Webmaster Tools –  Stay involved for every warning and error about your page. Very important if you want SEO results.

10 Google Trends –  See what other google users search for.

11. Google Translate –  Powerful translator that supports +60 languages.

12. Google Patents –  Do you have any unique product? Check for Google Patents then 🙂

13. Google Checkout –  You can use it for payout and checkout billing system – first at all Google Inc is trusted company and your visitors know it.

14 Google Sites – IYou can create simple and little page in Google Sites.

15. Adwords –  PPC ( Per Per Click ) is great google tool for everyone that want to increase sales.

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