MailLoop eMail Automation

Mailloop efficiently manages and automates your affiliate business. Sets-up and stores every e-mail id automatically.

Easy to follow instructions are in the tutorial which guides you in web form creation.

Your existing opt-in list is easy import and organize. Tha means you can start work quickly with your existing database.

Features of Mailloop

  • Mailloop manages all your messages that have to be sent or received from one central location ‘ Task scheduler’. Automation to send personalized and customized mails to customers within a few minutes after receiving their contact details.
  • The MIME technology helps send professionally designed HTML and text emails/newsletters to subscribers. Time scheduled automation enables you to send time bound mails automatically, once you have set the time will be dispatched to the customer, thus, generating information automatically.
  • Mailloop delivers email promotions to special group of clients or sales lead. Mailloop removes bounce mails and deletes ‘unsubscribes’ from the email list automatically.
  • Mailloop support professionals have produced a series of 26 training video that show the marketing automation is user friendly steps, absolutely everything you need to start and promote your e-business to make profits a habit.