Interspire (formerly SendStudio)

Interspire (formerly SendStudio)

Emil Marketer Services

Over 15,000 business owners, digital agencies and web-hosting providers make use of Interspire (formerly SendStudio) e-mail marketer services to operate their daily business needs, by installing your own server or hosted services.

Promotion of businesses by supporting them by supporting them with software solutions that include sending email campaigns, newsletters, welcome emails, autoresponders, contacts and customers.


  • Professionally designed 35 industry-specific email templates to create email campaigns step by step.
  • Personalized auto-responders usage can automatically link you to follow up with the customers and also increases response and conversion rate.
    Customer profile helps you send mails pertaining to their interests.
  • Web-based interface offers to increase the contacts list from the email program or database.
  • Maintaining personalized profile of customers, including your contact details and their name and company to promote your email campaigns.
    Lead sign-up forms can be generated by using the web to lead form generator on to your website in minutes.
  • Bounced e-mails are automatically processed across your lists. Tracking campaign reports and statistics will improve and equalize your email campaigns.
    Interspire is a fully managed email marketing platform with software support so you can mobilize infinite emails per month