iContact eMail Marketing Service

Web-based email marketing service that includes unlimited email campaigns, 300+ HTML email newsletter templates, email personalization and tracking, survey creation and more.

iContact has a great reputaion in the affiliate community with over 300,000 subscribers .

This service graded the email service between 98-99% by Pivotal Veracity, a third-party company.

Web-development firms, advertising agencies, PR firms and marketing agencies can greatly benefit from iContact solutions.

A manager account is supplied to represent your company’s brand and ability to create individual client folder, by authorized agency program.
Features of iContact
Agreement with major ISP’s to ensure that the clients enjoy benefit of industry-leading deliverance.

  • A combination of sophisticated surveys, RSS feeds and auto responders, which offer an entire package for e-marketing.
    iContact features more than 25 e-mail marketing article and resources.
  • A 31-page “best practices for email marketers” whitepaper, weekly best practices webinar and friendly phone and chat support is available.Bounced e-mails are automatically dealt with making the emailing process efficient.
  • It provides personalized subscription management to have a database of your clients.
  • Messages are permission-based as well as time scheduled.Tracks your business performance in terms of your customer simpler and easier.
  • 300+ specially designed email templates are offered.
  • iContact is fast, user friendly and efficiently organizes your mailing list to boost your business.
  • Automated charts and graphs of the customer response.
  • It has all the great benefits of high-priced email marketing service at an affordable price.