Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak is Disappointed With The New iPad Air

Well Here’s A Conundrum for Apple.


Wozniak is disappointed in a new Apple offering…

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is disappointed with the new iPad Air
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is continuing his long, proud tradition of bashing his former company. Macworld reports that Wozniak told the Apps World conference in the United Kingdom on Wednesday that he’s not interested in the new iPad Air because it doesn’t have nearly enough storage to meet his content consumption needs.


In particular, Wozniak said that he wanted an iPad with enough storage for him to download every episode of The Big Bang Theory, a popular sitcom that Wozniak has guest-starred on in the past.
“When I finally took a look at the devices, the iPads didn’t hit my needs,” Wozniak explained. “Yes it’s thinner, but I wanted storage. I don’t have broadband at home, and you can’t get great broadband connection in hotels, so I carry all my personal media in the iPad. So I was hoping Apple has a 256GB iPad. I was hoping for more storage so I could put every episode of Big Bang Theory on my iPad. So I emailed my wife and said ‘nope, I don’t want one of those.’”

Although Wozniak’s musings are always interesting, they aren’t exactly predictive of how well a product will do. Last year, for example, Wozniak heaped praise on Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet that went on to become one of the year’s most notorious sales duds.

Article By Brad Reed/Yahoo! News