Android Tablet Sales Topped iPad For First Time Ever

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Android iPad Tablet Sales Q2 2013

As Apple gears up to unveil its latest tablet lineup next month, its Android competition seems to have taken a lead in the market. A recent report from market research firm ABI Research indicates that Android-powered hardware sales surpassed Apple’s slate for the first time in Q2 2013, while the average selling price (ASP) of the iPad has dropped close to the tablet market average. “Smaller 7-inch class tablets are finally the majority of shipments,” said senior practice director Jeff Orr. The iPad mini accounted for around 60% of iPad shipments, which has contributed heavily to the 17% dip in iPad ASPs. On the other hand, Android tablet ASPs have risen 17%. Some Android tablets have lapped the iPad technologically as well. “Twelve months is a long time for the peak lifecycle of a contemporary tablet,” Orr said.

Article y Jacob Siegal | BGR News