Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing started around 1994 through an adult website.  A non-adult website did start click-through purchasing options in the latter part of the same year.  In 1996, Amazon affiliate marketing was launched and later became a blueprint for other e-commerce websites that offer affiliate programs.Affiliate marketing has proven to be a precious resource for online merchants.  In 2006, revenues from affiliate networks, like Amazon affiliate marketing, turned in billions of dollars in rewards on commissions.

Being an affiliate marketer should be planned carefully.  Your website must be designed in such a way that it will not look like an online mall containing all the products that you can post.   If you have a book or movie review site, don’t include other products that are irrelevant in the website’s content.  This approach would be very unprofessional and may actually ward off potential visitors and buyers.  The website should be rich in content but not cluttered. You should know enough knowledge of the market you are in.

Choose your products carefully when you join the Amazon affiliate marketing program.Find expert designers and programmers for your website.  They can offer you invaluable advice and support before you start becoming an affiliate marketer.  The look and feel of you website should be professional.  Design and programming companies also offer website maintenance.  This is important for you because you want your website to be up and running with no glitches.

You should also look into the size and type of server that they offer.  You would not want a slow response to be experienced by your visitors when they go to your website.  Most of the time, slow websites do not generate sales.  Most potential buyers are impatient, waiting for the website to refresh or load may lead to them finding another website.  Slow websites are sometimes caused by having too many graphics or large programs embedded in your website.  Look for companies that can provide you with superior backend applications and support.   They should also give you a hotline and offer fast resolutions for any problem you may encounter on the website they designed for you.

Also, these companies can offer you numerous templates and designs for your frontend requirements.  The templates that they should offer you must be easy to use and can be changed anytime you wish.  They should also be designing the website with you from the first phase of the project up to the last phase.  You would want to be a part of the design so that the designer and programmer will have a clear understanding of your needs and requirements.

Affiliate marketing networks should offer helpful support and a wide range of products.  It is important that your visitors have a wide range of choices so they can decide on the product they want to buy.  These networks like the Amazon, should not only offer helpful support but also provide you with easy to use features and enhancements for your website.  They should also be prompt in giving out your rewards and commissions.


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How to Put Money in Your Pocket with Amazon Affiliate Program

Author: Nora Jeanne Hirsu

Amazon is the oldest website or organization to offer affiliate programs services. In fact they are the initiators of such a scheme of internet money making. Affiliate programs are adopted to make money on internet. In such a program, people register their sites to a website that sell some products. Your work is to promote the product and give the readers a detailed description along with its pros and cons, definitely highlighting the benefits and usefulness.

To put money in your pocket with Amazon affiliate program, you first need a website of your own, a personal domain name. After that you need to figure out what product you want to promote. Once your registration with Amazon is approved, you will be given an ID unique to you as well as a particular link. Now you need to link you site top Amazon through this. Now your visitors, if they click on the link, go to Amazon and purchase certain products, you get to earn commission on these sales. The commission can be got on a certain number of sales, so increasing sales through promotion is your motto.

There are certain ways in which these sales can be increased and thus much more dollars would go into your pocket.

• First and foremost is the topic you choose to promote. It should be a popular product that people are willing to buy. If the product is rare but not popular, only few will purchase it, then it’s not a good option for you to earn money. To make money on internet, you need a strategy. Select a fairly wide base of population. Now survey what the target group is interested in buying, which product has demand among them, what their income level is and how much are they ready to shed.

• If your topic could accommodate a wide range of products then also that would help you to make real money online. Supposing its sports- then you can promote a wide variety of products from Amazon that is related to sports. Thus more money would you earn!

• You also need to attract traffic to your website. For this you need an interesting domain name, quality content and regular updating. You take to social bookmarking and social networking sites to increase the popularity. Create a community or page in these sites and link it to your website. Interested people would visit your site and be exposed to the Amazon links. They would spread the word among their fellow mates. You could also send articles about your site to the web directories and drive in web traffic. Making your site interesting, putting videos of the products in the promotion process can be an interesting approach too.

All in all, to earn money on internet, attracting or generating the web traffic is important along with the quality of promotion and the kind of products and the demand of the products that you are promoting and the purchasing characteristics of the target group.


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