Want a High Google Rank?


Want a High Google Rank?


You want a high ranking on Google. Face it, everyone does. The question is what are willing to do and how much work are you willing to put into achieve the ranking that you desire. You must imagine that the pool for those scrambling to get a high ranking on Google and even those who are simply trying to have Google visibility grows every day.

Everyone is very aware of the fact that he who dominates the Google search results pages, controls the marketplace. The good news: it’s possible. With the right strategy and execution schedule, you can increase and maximize your Google Rank.

Getting your site on Google

You can always submit your site to Google. If Google wants you, they will find you. How exactly do they find you, you wonder? They find you by the structure of your site content. Google reviews the search trends of its users regularly and if your site content matches a search, then you’re in! Make sure that your site is always updated with content that is relevant to your niche market.


Your site design has a lot to do with where your site stands on Google. Be sure that the design of your site is user and search engine friendly. Make sure that all links and context are clear and functional. When Google crawls your site, they want to be able to easily assess the content so that they may easily determine your content’s relevance. The load speed of your design is also essential since slow loading sites are pushed to the bottom of the search engine results pages.


Google loves backlinks. Be sure that your site has relevant backlinks from sites that compliment what your site has to offer. Google sees backlinks as a sort of cosign for your sites content. Google figures that if a site links back to you, your sites content must be of similar relevance for your niche and Google honors this relevance by boosting your page ranking. A sufficient number of backlinks can work wonders for boosting your Google rank but be careful not to overdo it. There is a point where Google may see too many backlinks as spam and your ranking and Google will have an opposite effect as it might be driven down. Choose your backlinks carefully. Make sure that all backlinks pertain precisely to what you are offering.

Market your site

After you have gotten the basics in order, your next step would be to sufficiently market your site. Try to find the marketing strategy that will suit your business best. Here is where things tend to get a little tricky.

Figure out if search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) or Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the best marketing strategy for you business. You may want to seek professional advice as this decision tends to be a little overwhelming. You can’t afford to overlook this step if you are truly attempting high Google ranking as these are the methods used to obtain high position.

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