Verizon Draws Fire For Monitoring Users App Usage And, Browsing Habits

This Is Getting Way Out of Control.
The Feds (Our Pid Representatives) Need To Prosecute ALL Companies Doing This…

The firm is selling data about customers’ locations, app usage, and browsing. ‘Able to view just everything’

Verizon Wireless has begun selling information about its customers’ geographical locations, app usage, and Web browsing activities, a move that raises privacy questions and could brush up against federal wiretapping law.

The company this month began offering reports to marketers showing what Verizon subscribers are doing on their phones and other mobile devices, including what iOS and Android apps are in use in which locations. Verizon says it may link the data to third-party databases with information about customers’ gender, age, and even details such as “sports enthusiast, frequent diner or pet owner.”

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by Declan McCullagh |