The iPhone 5 and LTE — What It Means For You

Is LTE What You Really Want for Your iPhone?
Read This and Decide…

NEW YORK (AP) — The iPhone 5 is Apple’s first mobile handset that uses new “LTE” wireless networks. What’s LTE —and why should you care? Here are some answers.

Q: What does LTE stand for?

A: It’s “Long-Term Evolution,” but that doesn’t really tell you anything. It’s actually the latest and fastest way to transmit data from cellular towers to phones and other gadgets. It’s one of two so-called “fourth-generation,” or 4G, wireless technologies that have been deployed by various phone companies. (The other one is WiMax, which is available on Sprint phones. But WiMax coverage is low, isn’t being expanded, and even Sprint is betting on LTE for the future).

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