Rumor: Apple Earbuds Redesigned for iPhone 5?

A New Twist for Apple?

The smartphone’s internals aren’t the only bits that are changing come Apple’s release of the iPhone 5 – we think.

According to a new rumor – and pictures! – Apple’s allegedly also going to be changing up the design of its famous white earbuds for the big iPhone 5 launch.  A Vietnamese site has allegedly gotten its hands on the new buds and, aside from the obvious changes to their once-circular shape, they do appear to be a bit smaller in general.

“All factors such as design, quality finishing materials fabricated wire, plastic body headphones are led to the conclusion this is genuine and not counterfeit headphones,” reads a blog post from, as translated by MacRumors.

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In By David Murphy  September 2, 2012 05:56pm EST