LG Flexible-Display Smartphone Reportedly Leaked In New Photos

This is a Phone with a Curved Screen.


Check it out here…


Sporting a curved display, the LG G Flex is the star of a new series of alleged photos obtained by The Verge.

A rendering of the LG G Flex phone.

A rendering of the LG G Flex phone. (Credit: Images obtained by CNET)

We may have gotten our first peek at LG’s upcoming curved display smartphone.

gallery of leaked photos allegedly snapped of the LG G Flex reveals a curved 6-inch screen and rear buttons mounted in a style similar to that found on the LG G2, The Verge said Wednesday. The photos come from journalist Federico Ini, who claims that the G Flex will launch in South Korea in November but that no release is planned for the US, Europe, or Latin America.

The curved aspect of the phone is similar to the curved OLED TVs from LG and Samsung, The Verge added, in which the edges of the screen turn inwards slightly.

LG and Samsung are both dipping into the flexible-screen smartphone market. Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Round, touting it as the world’s first (deeply) curved display smartphone. The phones themselves aren’t flexible; rather the screens simply bow to better fit your cheek. Whether or not consumers will jump on that as a selling point remains to be seen.
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