iPhone 5 Glitches, Secrets, and Scratches Found Since Launch

OOPS! Mayber Apple’s iPhone 5 Launch was Too Quick?
What do You Think?…

Millions of people pulled their brand new iPhone 5s from its clean packaging this weekend, and while a new larger, lighter and faster phone greeted them, some also discovered some unadvertised features.

Within hours after it went on sale on Friday, many new iPhone 5 owners began reporting issues and secrets about their new phones.

Firstly, many Verizon iPhone owners were pleasantly surprised to find that their phones were able to work on AT&T’s network. All they had to do was swap out the nano-SIM card in the new iPhone 5 for an AT&T SIM.  In the past, Apple had been rigorous about limiting the phone to specific networks.

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by Joanna Stern