iPhone 5: Critics Not Impressed with Apple’s New Model

The Apple Falls From the Tree – And Doesn’t Bounce.
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NEW DELHI: So Apple has announced the new iPhone, the taller, uber-sleek iPhone 5 with a faster processor. As has come to be a given, there was a great deal of speculation and anticipation prior to the event. Plenty of those who got a chance to use the iPhone 5 seem to have been touched by a bit of the famed Apple magic. So nothing has changed really. Or has it?

For years, Apple events were the fountainheads of disruptions that shaped the industry. Rivals scrambled to catch up. The touch screen, the retina display, Siri, a form factor that kept getting better, the iTunes store, the app store with more and better apps than any other platform.

But tech gurus around the world are saying something else now: that Apple’s innovative disruptor status, guaranteed after every iPhone launch, is being challenged.

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by Hitesh Raj Bhagat, ET Bureau