Get To Google First Page

How To Improve Your Google Ranking And Get To Google First Page

I’m George Tiganus and today I will tell you some things about how to rank your website higher on the first page of Google search results. Ranking high with the search engines is what brings the traffic to your website, and if your website shows up in the first results for the keywords people are searching for, this is good for business!

Traffic is profit!

So let us talk a bit about the concept of SEO. SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and that’s what gets you the high ranks on Google and other search engines. Your website’s rank depends on a lot of factors, and we will discuss some of the basic ones so that you understand how they work and how you can turn them to your advantage.
If I were asked which is the most important factor to improve your Google Rankings, I would definitely say BACKLINKING.

But what exactly is backlinking?

First of all you need to imagine the search engines like non-stop analyzers of the content from all the websites on the internet.
This is actually what search engines do. They study the information on each website, they determine how relevant that information is on a particular topic and use this as a criterion for their rankings. But content is not the only relevant thing. For every subject you can imagine, including the one your website is about, there could be thousands or millions of other sites.

Another indication of relevance is the number of times a site is linked throughout the internet. So if you compare 2 websites that are on same subject, the one that has more outside links coming to it is the one that is perceived as being more relevant and useful for the people looking for that particular information.

These are called, incoming links, inbound links or backlinks and they refer people from other sites to yours. The more quality your website has, the more backlinks you are supposed to get.
Google thinks of a link coming from some other website to your website as a vote and this is why backlinking plays a huge role on the way Google sets their rankings.

For example, I’m sure you’ve found Wikipedia in the top of Google results for a lot of the searches you’ve performed. There is a good reason for their rankings. Having 75,000,000 domain backlinks will get you there.
Now that we know how important backlinks are, we should be talking about how to get them, right?

There are several ways to do that and the most common are:
– reciprocal links – finding a site to link to and have it link back to yours
– forum links – using signature links on forums
– blog comments – insert your link in your comments on high ranked blogs
– links from article directories, video sharing websites and other content-based websites

Search engines analyze these backlinks and the rule is kinda simple: “the more, the better”. But be careful, don’t use automatic backlink generators and think that you’ve solved this problem! Bulding up backlinks at an unnaturally high rate or speed is suspect and Google has a very low tolerance of spam, going to such lengths as penalizing or even banning websites!

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