Diary clash: Rivals Fight to Escape Apple’s iPhone Shadow

Are the Other Tech Companies Scrambling?
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Back when Apple was an underdog, it had an easier time shrouding its product  announcements in mystery and perhaps catching its competitors off guard. But now  tech companies are watching every one of Apple’s moves – and scrambling to get  out in front of them.

Several major tech companies are cramming product announcements into this   week. Nokia and Motorola Mobility, former leaders in the mobile race who are now  also-rans, have scheduled events for Wednesday at which they are likely to  unveil new smartphones. And the next day, Amazon is expected to introduce new  Kindle devices.

Sony and Samsung, among others, got a jump on things last week with  announcements of new tablets and phones at a consumer electronics conference in  Berlin.

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by: Brian  Chen and Nick Wingfield