CEO Meg Whitman Gets Kudos Even as Market Clobbers Stock

Meg and Her Executives Have Some Guts.
HP’s Issues Are On The Table For All To See…

Let me offer a big kudos to HP CEO Meg Whitman and her fellow executives. While they will likely be second-guessed about their approach to the analyst day held in San Francisco on Wednesday, I say it took guts to lay bare the deep problems facing Hewlett-Packard.

While at the presentation, independent analyst Patrick Moorhead sent me an email, expressing similar sentiments: “Whitman honestly and openly detailed HP’s issues, which are many.  I give her a lot of credit, even though it may be spooking short-term thinking Wall Street.  Turnarounds take years as evidenced by IBM.”

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by Chris O’Brien is a business and technology columnist at the San Jose Mercury News