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My name is Brad Callen. I have online marketing since early 2000 and I was lucky that raised millions of dollars just on the internet.

I absolutely love the internet. The potential to generate money while sitting at home in his underwear “is more real than ever before. At this time, there are many ways to earn money online. It seems trivial, but the sky is the limit.

However, with that said, the nature of the internet, it y more scams and completely trash information than ever before.

When I started on the internet in early 2000, I have heard about affiliate marketing, and the fact that you don’t have to have your own product to make money. Could simply refer to other products to others and share the profits. This means that you do not have to worry about filling customer orders, technical support and all other problems related to owning your own product related.

There are literally millions and millions of choice of affiliate programs. All offer different Commission rates and promising all its program would place higher and make more money.

It would be like the grand imagination that was, to jump on any affiliate program that I found. One would tend to promote through Google Adwords traffic search engine traffic sent or use a traffic exchange program.

Whenever he tried to promote a new program, I always thought that I want to wake up the next morning and be filthy rich.

After more than 100 different affiliate programs and all, I finally realized that the majority of affiliate programs is good for the product owner, but bad, very bad, for the franchisee. Members spend money, time and effort, and the product owner makes all the money.

Has almost completely abandoned affiliate when accidentally I found some data that gave me an idea of marketing. These figures took crossed allowed me to see some products that appear to have been earning money to other people. The keyword here is “apparent”.

It is clear that I did not know with certainty whether these products make me money, but the data I’ve seen, it seemed frankly the others were making money, the promotion of such products. I thought, zut, if other people really make money promoting these products, there is no reason that shouldn’t be.

As a result, captured a affiliate link with one of the products that I have found. I uploaded my Google Adwords account, I went to bed that night and low and behold …

Yes, it was only 1 sale. Not any where near “disgusting …”. ‘